"Grow. Gather. Make." A Prominent Tagline For Found. Market

To Found. Market, “Grow” has many meanings: to grow food, to grow connections in a community, and to creatively grow as a business. Sounds a bit abstract, but growing has always held a weight of importance for the Found. Market family. Coming from a farming background, Kelsey, Elliott, and Cindy know what it takes to grow your own food. Beyond that, Found. Market recognizes food as gifts from the Earth -- something that should be shared and welcomed as nourishment to the body, and built Found. as a place to share those gifts.

Taking a step further into the meaning of the word, the owners were asked why they feel it’s important to grow with their community. Here’s what they had to say:

“In order to stay in business you have to stay relevant to your customers, and your community at large. Thus there is no business without community. You have to be willing to evolve, personally and professionally. With social media and websites especially, there’s so much to learn and expansive growth potential when you talk about the part of community reaching far beyond your front door.” - Kelsey (Co owner)

“The strength and vitality of a community is measured by the heart of it’s businesses. I find purpose in growing our interactions with Charlottesville through Found. There is a balance between residents and businesses that enables a community to thrive” - Cindy (Co owner)

“Charlottesville is where I have bought a house and chosen to grow my family. This is my community, so preserving the soul of Charlottesville by focusing on small, local, handmade products and the community of people that live by those ideals…changing back in a way.” - Elliott (Co owner)

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Equally important, Found. also wishes to “Gather” people who think openly and freely in a common space, and to provide goods made thoughtfully with love. Anyone who has tried anything from the roasted chicken salad to the mouth-watering shortbread knows that Found. Market knows how to Make great food, while providing a space to experience the uniqueness of the brand.

All in all the owners of Found. Market can conclude that good business comes from good community...Quality input, quality output.

written by: Yvonne Batcheller