Month Of Love

Holidays are the ideal time to bring the people you love together. With the desire to gather, the Found. team would like to bring you our take on a cookie-cutter holiday: Valentine’s Day. Calling this campaign “the Month of Love”, our goal is to expand upon the classic components of Valentine’s Day by sharing the jubilance of love all month long.

“We live in a world where people expect to see the same things every time they enter an establishment, as if it stems from a corporate blueprint. At Found., we are trying to provide a space and serve things that are unique, for the unique people of the world. To us that means serving comfort and delight — things that are creative, personal, and heartwarming.” - Kelsey (co owner).

This month you can expect to see some thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, especially when it comes to our beloved shortbread. You can now purchase your favorite Salted Rosemary jar with a limited edition label; a twist on the Valentine’s Day classic “conversational hearts”. These special jars are available in store and on-line.

Furthermore, as part of the Month of Love, Found. will be posting quotes to spread love and and brighten your social media feed each week. By doing so, Found. wants to inspire a different perspective of Valentine's Day. Without materialism or the stereotypical view of the holiday, Found. wants to celebrate ALL relationships -- your relationship with the environment, yourself, your neighbors, and your relationship with food.

Found. Market will also be hosting workshops during the Month of Love. The intention behind the workshops is to gather people to sit and chat while they hand make a special craft. More information can be found. on our facebook page.

“You can’t buy love, but you can buy handmade and that’s basically the same thing”

… after all, people who craft together stay together, and community is what we are all about.

written by: Yvonne Batcheller