Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Shortbread Jars

Here at Found. Market we are always trying to come up with ways we can reduce our ecological footprint. Recycling and repurposing is encouraged, eco friendly materials are used, and overall we have a focus on limiting waste; however, running a business and reasonably meeting these goals can be tricky. We would like to invite shortbread lovers to join us in repurposing our shortbread jars for better use, rather than simply recycling them. Our customers are the most creative ones out there, and we know there are endless ways to reuse these jars that we haven’t heard of yet - tag us on social media to share and inspire others with your favorite repurposing tips. Below are some of our favorites:



Create a hole in the bottom of your jar for drainage, fill with the appropriate soil and rocks, and plant that little succulent!



Label and fill jars with different kitchen necessities like sugar, spices, and teas


Craft Supplies

Throw all your loose beads and twine in a jar for convenient organization


Stack Them

Put adhesive velcro to the top and bottom of each jar and stack them without worrying about them tumbling over


More Shortbread

Bring in your old container for a refill from our bulk section and receive $1 off

written by: Yvonne Batcheller