Frequently Asked Questons


Q’s About Found. Market

1. Where does all the furniture for sale come from?
A: While there are fewer pieces for sale now than when we first opened, Kelsey and Cindy have a passion for and rehabbing old furniture that were put on the retail floor for sale. With limited time to forage, find, and refurbish these days, we’ve sold through most of our stock, leaving a few pieces left. More important than sales though, we feel strongly about our store aesthetics celebrating found. and repurposed furniture to compliment our space and our eclectic story.

2. Where do you get all the tropical plants that are around Found. Market?
A: Mostly from our dad, Frank. He’s a farmer in Orange County and starts plants in his greenhouse. Some of the larger trees have been in our family for years.

3. Where do you get all your food from?
A: We make/bake/cook all the food in Found. Market (except for the croissants and soft pretzels). As customers, you only see half our space -- the other half is a combo of our office and a separate full production kitchen designated to wholesale shortbread and all other fare you see in the bakery case or refrigerator.

4. What organic products do you use?
A: 1) In the kitchen, we use organic wherever and whenever possible, but because we choose to use local and seasonal ingredients as well, that can vary at times. Consistently though, we use: organic butter, sugar, flour, peanut butter, eggs, chicken breast, and milk. 2) In the store, we have a keen eye on buying nonfood items that use organic materials, as well such as cotton and linen.

5. What is Retreat Farm?
A: It’s the farm where we grew up. In 1998, The Gillans moved to Virginia from Connecticut to manage Retreat Farm, and it’s still where Frank and Cindy live. Retreat Farm supplies Found. with all our fresh, free range eggs for baking, asparagus in the summertime, and the ever popular sheep pelts that cozy up our retail floor all year long.

6. So this isn’t a restaurant?
A: Nope - no table service. We’re outfitted for prepared foods with limited made-to-order sandwiches. A more fitting term would be “eatery” — you can take your eats to-go or sit at any seat!

7. Can I get a latte?
A: We do not have an espresso machine, for various reasons, so you can’t get a traditional latte. We enjoy a simple cup of coffee and have fun being creative with a classic cup of joe (we brew organic Sumatra from Shenandoah Joes) So, while you can’t get a latte, you can get a “Fancy Brew”: pour over coffee + maple syrup + frothed cream (or almond milk)

8. Do you make full cakes to buy?
A: We usually stick to “cake by slice”; however, we do make cakes for special occasions from our pre-order menu.

9. What is focaccia?
A: Focaccia is an old fashioned slow rising bread that we make for sandwiches. We keep ours simple with herbs and sea salt.

10. What’s the wifi password?
A: Come have a conversation with us and we’ll tell you.

11. What do you have that’s gluten free?
A: This varies a lot, but consistently we have southwestern egg muffins and chocolate chip cookies. It’s important to note that we are not a gluten free kitchen, we use flour everyday in other products, but we love new delicious gluten free recipes that everyone can enjoy.

12. Can I sit here?
A: Yes! Please sit in any seat you like (unless someone else is sitting in it, of course!).

13. How much is the yellow couch?
A: Unfortunately Kelsey’s sweet yellow couch is not for sale.

14. oLIvE oIL cAkE wHAt???
A: Trust us, it is delicious, moist and full of citrus with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s also gluten free and dairy free thanks to almond flour and the oLIvE oIL.

Q’s About Found. Market Shortbread

1. Where do you pack your shortbread?
A: Right here at Found. - we have a whole production space in the kitchen, with tables for packing.

2. If I don’t see the amount of shortbread jars I want in store, where else can I buy them?
A: 1) Be sure to ask at the register if we can pack more; we usually have some in the back we can prepare for you. 2) call ahead and pre-order for pick up and we’ll do our best to accommodate your order. 3) you can order online through the website 4) also on the website, we have a list of various stockists around town that you can buy from.

3. How long has Found. Market been making shortbread?
A: In 2013 we started making “The Little Things” Shortbread in Elliott’s inspected home kitchen on Druid Ave. It wasn’t until late 2016 that we started making the shortbread in our current space on Carlton Rd, opening Found. Market to the public in March of 2017.

4. Who makes the shortbread?
A: Cindy developed the recipes. Elliott makes all of the shortbread. Kelsey packs and labels the shortbread.

5. Do other stores carry the shortbread jars?
A: Yes, here's a link to our stockists

6. Can you reuse my jars if I bring them back?
A: At this point in time, we cannot put them back into production; but, we encourage you to find creative ways to use the jars at home. You can also bring them back and fill them up with our bulk shortbread for a $1 off.

7. Are any of the shortbread gluten free?
A: No, due to the simplicity of shortbread, an alternative flour would change the consistency too much and they’d crumble. BUT we are working a new recipe flavor which may withstand gluten free flour