Found. Market is family owned and operated



Cindy, grower, craft baker, recipe maven. Cindy brings experience from her past businesses: a bakery and plant shop in Connecticut, and a bakery in a historic train depot in Central Virginia. She and her husband Frank now own a farmstead where they grow fruits, eggs, honey and herbs for Found. Market’s baked goods.


Elliott, craft baker, kitchen junkie. Growing up and working on a sustainable produce and livestock farm while also catering, Elliott has the vision of great food from quality ingredients. A Master's in Exercise Science provides a balance for his love of cooking and eating.


Kelsey, craft maker, yoga instructor and mindfulness practitioner. Her Public Health degree, years as a market manager, and creative spirit help us articulate Found. Market's vision and execute the vibrancy of the found lifestyle. She forages and finds forgotten pieces and turns them into contemporary goods to be loved again.



front of house staff, craft maker, and workshop leader. Having grown up in Charlottesville, she is inspired by the artistic, ever-changing nature of the town. While she applies her creative ventures to everyday life, Yvonne’s main focus is new passions in the creative realm. Since she was a seedling, Yvonne has practiced jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, baking, and design